Safety in Barcelona…


Okay, so I found these safety “anti-theft” bags by pacsafe at MEC in Toronto. They weren’t cheap but they do look to be good at deterring unwanted, touchy, feely, grabby thieves who want to take your money!! And although, I just display female secret pouches, there are just as many for men available on line or in the store.

MEC – Mountain Equipment Coop


inside backpack

Now you can see inside as to how secure this bag really is! Check out those locks! Now I know nothing is 100% but this looks very good to me. Just remember, not to put the bag down!!!

lock proof system

The lock system so that zippers stay closed. Ha, ha, ha…I like the pun on that one. In this case, we really do want the zippers to stay closed!



For those South America travellers….a little extra steel packing material to ensure the utmost in safety.

Just remember, do not put the bag down or leave it unattended. Do not glance away for a second, do not get distracted by cute little small children tugging at your clothing, or a pack of young girls with shopping bags (that’s where they put your stuff after they have stolen it!). Thieves come in all sizes and ages and attractiveness. So don’t be fooled.

Because nobody can help you if you put the bag down on a chair or a bench or a table, even if its just for a second. Woosh! It could be gone.

Happy Travelling!

anit theft






Welcome! Ok so today is the first day of my new blog! I will be focusing on sharing my experiences as I travel to places and provide Life Coaching tips.

The next featured travel destination is Barcelona, Spain for the month of August 2017. I will be bringing you through my experiences of packing, preparing and executing the trip to Barcelona.

For those of you who have not met me yet, I have been taking Spanish lessons for several years now and am currently working on an IT contract “somewhat” using my Spanish skills on a Latin America project. Ha, ha, ha…as I say “somewhat” you can probably imagine that my Spanish needs some work. Hence! Barcelona for the month of August.

I consider this my future job security as I manage to keep viable and employed in the Toronto job market as an IT Project Management consultant. You just never know what is expected in today’s job market and travelling keeps me on top of things and ready to take on the next challenge.

I will be blogging regular posts as I begin this journey and I hope you will be both entertained and possibly inspired to keep with me as I expand my Spanish skills and share some valuable life tips! Life tips are good :).

Talk to you soon friends,