Apartamentos in Barcelona

Where to stay? In a city that never sleeps and is well known for pickpockets.

  • Home: Toronto, Canada -getting out of town (even though Toronto is warm in summer)
  • Host: Barcelona, Spain -staying for the month of August 2017 (with a dip in Soller, Mallorca at the end)

I truly believe the way to go in Barcelona for an extended stay is to rent an apartamento. Its a fancy word for “flat” or “apartment”. Cheaper than a hotel and more like the locals. Lol! The magic word really is “affordable” or “muy barato”. So this is what I’ve done.  And well in advance!! I had my pick in February (febrero) for an apartamento in August (agosto) but now…..all sold out! And since I took it for 3 weeks, I had to make sure I wasn’t going to get caught without a place. Book well in advance for large parties!

Since I’m a newbie to Barcelona, I decided to take Rick Steve’s advice and go with MH Apartments. Here is the link. mhapartments I also highly recommend Airbnb. I’ve had good luck with them and HomeAway. But I’m sticking to my advised site because of the good recommendations.

It accommodates my party of 4 (potentially 6) we will see as we get closer. You can choose the location that best suits your needs and they specialize in larger groups.

And in the rooms, as I’ve found in other places in Spain they love to have two beds instead of a queen or king! So you gotta push them together or pull them apart! How’s that for flexibility!! Good for kids, and saves space.

I also think it’s because they don’t have big houses to fight in so when something goes wrong, they make it easy to put one party “in the doghouse”.

Note: all my language references are in standard Spanish and not Catalan…I’m just not that advanced yet and forgive me as I’ve just started this blog and haven’t figured out a Spanish spell check or accents yet. I will get there! I promise. Prometo!