It’s band aid season in Toronto…

band aid

Its June 09 today in Toronto and finally we have sun. When Toronto gets sun, it is the best sun you can imagine. Not too hot, not too intense, not too crispy. Sun in Toronto is like perfection. The city that everyone wants to move to and good weather. It is a difficult combination to match. But when there is no sun, it can be a dull place.

Toronto has food trucks and variety of scenery and people who dress to be themselves. I never get bored of people watching in Toronto. We have every culture in the world and everyone is doing their own thing. I mean like embracing their own thing. Working it to the bone. If you get the chance, take the subway in Toronto and enjoy the best people watching you can find….some might even say better than New York. Because its band aid season in Toronto and the weather is beautiful and everyone is wearing shoes that hurt their feet. Just look at all the band aids on their feet as you walk into the subway and enjoy the people watching!